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The Way To Change The Performance Of Steel
Nov 23, 2017

The way to change the performance of steel, mainly in the following three aspects:

Alloy composition

Carbon: C

Increase the hardness of quenched tissue;

Formation of carbides to improve wear resistance;

Reduce toughness

Reduce solderability

Chromium: Cr

Improve the hardness of steel, the formation of hard and stable chromium carbide, thereby improving the wear resistance;

Can improve the hardenability of steel;

When the Cr content exceeds 12%, it has a corrosion-resistant effect and provides good polish

Molybdenum: Mo

Mo is a strong carbide forming element to improve the wear resistance;

Mo> 0.5% can restrain temper embrittlement caused by other alloying elements;

Provide red hardness, hot strength;

Improve hardenability, tempering stability

Vanadium: V

Can form high hardness carbide, improve wear resistance;

Refine the grain of steel and reduce overheating sensitivity

Improve the strength, toughness and tempering stability of steel

Nickel: Ni

Ni can improve the hardenability of steel;

Ni can refine the grain

Sulfur (S)

Often in the form of MnS exist in the steel, the continuity of the matrix rupture, deteriorating the toughness of the material, corrosion resistance, polish, discharge processability, erosion, can improve the cutting ability of the material.

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Add:No.37 Huahu Ave Huahu Street.Huangshi City Hubei