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Die Steel Development Of New Trends
Nov 17, 2017

Die steel development of new trends

China needs about 200,000 tons of mold steel a year, of which more than 50,000 tons of automobile coverage molds and large parts of die-casting mold steel basically rely on imports. Recently, the Shanghai Die & Mold Industry Association senior experts and professors, the current mold steel and development trends were investigated. A cold work die favored D2 and other steel. In recent years, Japan, Sweden and China's Fushun and Changgang have respectively developed steel grades SKD11 (D2), Xw-42 (D2), FT32 (D) and A2,01 and W3. These new steel basic coverage of cold work die material. As D2 steel V, MO content higher than the Cr12MoV steel, with better overall performance, it is welcomed by users. The old Cr12MoV steel will gradually be replaced. With the cold stamping products toward high-precision, high efficiency, multi-species development, requires the die steel has good wear resistance and toughness.

Hot die for the development of new types of steel. Hot work die steel consumption, accounting for more than 30% of the annual output of die steel. In order to improve hot work die steel strength, anti-tempering stability and toughness, at home and abroad have developed new steel. Such as the Swedish ASSAB AR0905, in improving the thermal stability and toughness at the same time, the more reasonable alloying elements, known as the alloy content and cost price with the best steel. Japan's DH21 steel will increase the MO content by 2%, and properly add the Mn content to improve the high-temperature mechanical properties of steel to meet the needs of mass production of aluminum alloy die-casting molds. Shanghai Institute of Materials Y10 steel, mainly for long-life aluminum die-casting molds, Y4 for copper alloy die-casting mold, ER8 is an excellent overall performance of the universal hot-die steel. These die steel in the use of similar molds, long life, which is gradually being widely used.

Die casting promotion H13 steel. Die casting material has made great progress, changing the previous single use of 3CrW8V hot work tool steel, and the general use of H13 steel (4Cr5MoVSi). Shanghai Jiaotong University and Shanghai Automotive Nonferrous Casting Plant optimized the production process of H13 steel. The life of the mold is increased by more than 10 times, reaching the level of the same kind of mold in Italy.

- Plastic mold steel rapid development, variety. In developed countries such as Japan, plastic mold steel has accounted for the first production of mold steel. Due to the rapid development of plastic mold, led the development of plastic mold steel.

The main types are:

1. Non-alloy plastic mold steel. Generally used carbon structural steel such as S50C, equivalent to China's 50 # carbon steel. Japan's Datong special steel company PXZ steel cutting steel, mainly for the manufacture of general-purpose plastic mold.

2. Hard plastic mold steel. Market preference is P20 steel or PS20 modified steel, such as 718 (Switzerland) and 738 (Desheng), this type of steel with good polishing performance, processing technology is simple, the cost of the right price, so a large amount.

3. Mirror plastic mold steel. Requirements of high purity mold material, high uniformity and high surface hardness, the general use of age-hardening steel.

4. Corrosion-resistant plastic mold steel. It is mainly used for mold steel with strong corrosive plastic forming. Martensite stainless steel and precipitation hardening stainless steel containing 13% -17% chromium are generally used.

Special purpose mold steel. Mainly refers to non-magnetic molds, high-weldability molds and special mold steel molds. Japan has developed Px2, Px4, Px5 and other steel, Shanghai also developed a 50Mn non-magnetic die steel, and promote the use of.

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