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Cold Work Die Steel
Nov 08, 2017

Cold work die steel

Cold-forged steel keyboard focus on hardness, wear resistance. High carbon content, alloying elements to increase the hardenability, improve wear resistance based. Cold work die steel, including the manufacture of punching die (blanking punching die, trimming die, punch, scissors), cold heading die and cold extrusion die, bending die and drawing die, etc.


Vacuum degassing refining steel, endoplasmic purity

Machinability is good (machinability than SKD1 increased by 20%)

Good hardenability, air-cooled hardened (not prone to quench cracking)

Excellent wear resistance (can be used as stainless steel and high hardness of the blanking die)

Toughness is good

Use hardness

Blanking die HRC58 ~ 62 advanced gauge HRC60 ~ 65

Forming roll HRC58 ~ 63 Roll roller HRC60 ~ 63

Cross recessed head screw forming die HRC57 ~ 62 Cold extrusion die forming machine with the original Yang HRC58 ~ 65

Tensile modulus HRC58 ~ 63 Cold heading die HRC58 ~ 62

Scissors HRC50 ~ 65 thermosetting resin molding die HRC56 ~ 61

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Add:No.37 Huahu Ave Huahu Street.Huangshi City Hubei