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China's Automotive Mold Development Prospects
Nov 22, 2017

China's automotive mold development prospects

The rapid development of China's automobile industry for the domestic automobile mold has brought a broad space for development. In addition, due to cost and market factors, the mold manufacturing center in developed countries is gradually shifting to the developing countries represented by China. Comprehensive factors at home and abroad to promote the rapid development of the domestic automobile mold industry, there have been many new automotive mold enterprises. According to statistics, in 2012 China's key backbone mold enterprises reached nearly 110. Among them, the stamping die about 37%, China has become a veritable automobile mold manufacturing power.

China's automotive mold development prospects China's automobile mold production capacity in the world with great advantages, however, due to the domestic high-end automotive mold enterprises to enhance technology, technological innovation and mold new technology research and development and application of inadequate capacity and other reasons, resulting in high-end domestic mold Of the development capacity can not fully meet the supporting needs of the domestic automobile industry, high-end automotive mold still have a large part of the need to rely on imports. Therefore, the domestic automotive mold industry need to make up for this short board to make up for our country's automobile mold industry, a big flaw.

As the top ten rejuvenation industries in China, supported by state policies, with the promotion of automobiles to the countryside, China's auto industry has all increased its output. In 2012, China produced more than 19 million vehicles and ranked first in the world in terms of production and sales volume . Luo Baihui said that manufacturing an ordinary car itself will need about 1500 molds, of which there are nearly 1,000 stamping dies and more than 200 molds for interior parts. Affected by the rapid development of China's automobile industry, China's automobile mold industry showed a rapid growth, the market capacity continues to expand. According to Japan, the United States and other developed countries in the automotive industry level calculation, by 2015 China's mold service in the automotive industry can reach 40% of the proportion, then China's automobile mold industry to 2015 total sales of up to 70 billion yuan.

With the gradual increase of automobile production in our country, domestic and foreign automobile mold enterprises have shown their mettle in the Chinese automobile market to a certain extent, satisfying the hot domestic demand and export demand, and at the same time, they have created a good foundation for the upgrading of China's automobile mold industry Opportunity. Visible, China's automotive mold industry is very broad prospects.

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