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Strength properties of die steels
Jul 19, 2017

Many applications in machinery manufacturing, mechanical and electrical equipment and other products, the quality of die steel related products directly affect our use of time, we use the best quality raw material for production of mould steel products of the highest quality.

(1) hardness is the main technical index of die steel. The die must be high enough to keep its shape and size under high stress. Cold working die steel at room temperature, the general hardness of about HRC60, hot working die steel according to its working conditions, general requirements remain in the range of HRC40~55. For the same grade, in a certain range of hardness, hardness and deformation resistance is proportional; but with the same hardness and different steel composition and microstructure, the plastic deformation resistance may have obvious difference.

(2) the red hot working die in the high temperature condition, the request maintains its organization and the performance stability, thus maintains the enough high hardness, this kind of performance is called the red rigid. Carbon tool steels and low-alloy tool steels are generally able to maintain this performance at a temperature range of 180~250 degrees Celsius. Chromium - molybdenum hot work die steels generally maintain this performance at a temperature range of 550~600 degrees C. The red hardness of steel depends mainly on the chemical composition and heat treatment process of steel.

(3) the compressive strength and compressive bending strength are often affected by the higher strength and bending of the die during use. Therefore, the die material should have a certain compressive strength and flexural strength. In many cases, the compressive test and the actual working conditions of bending test conditions close to the mold (such as die steel deformation resistance, the measured compressive yield strength and punch work has shown consistent). Another advantage of bending test is that the absolute value of strain is large, which can sensitively reflect the difference of deformation resistance between different steel grades and in different heat treatment and microstructure.

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