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Plastic mold steel performance requirements
Nov 11, 2017

Plastic mold steel performance requirements

With the increasing demand for plastic products and the expansion of the field of application, plastic molds put forward higher and higher requirements, promoted the continuous development of plastic molds, and also led to the rapid development of plastic mold steel, mainly in plastic molds Accelerate the development of steel, the rapid increase in species, but the current plastic mold material is still mainly steel. According to statistics, China's plastic mold steel has accounted for more than half of all die steel. Reasonable choice of plastic mold steel and heat treatment process to ensure the quality of plastic mold, plastic mold to improve the service life and reduce production costs play an important role. 

⒈ plastic mold working conditions Plastic mold in accordance with the molding curing can be divided into thermosetting plastic mold and thermoplastic molding plastic mold. Thermosetting plastic mold, such as compression mold, the work was plastic solid powder material or preform, added to the cavity and at a certain temperature by hot forming. Thermoplastic plastic mold, such as injection mold, extrusion die, plastic work in the viscous flow through the injection, extrusion and other methods into the cavity and processing molding. 

⒉ failure analysis of plastic mold 

⑴ wear failure;

⑵ plastic deformation failure; 

⑶ fracture failure plastic mold material performance requirements 

(A)plastic mold material performance requirements 

① higher hardness and wear resistance; 

② a certain degree of heat and resistance Erosion; 

③ good dimensional stability;

④ good thermal conductivity. 

(B) plastic mold material process performance requirements 

① good machinability; 

② good cold forming pressure; 

③ heat treatment process; 

④ welding performance. plastic mold steel performance and classification Plastic mold steel heat treatment process technology has the following characteristics. ① to ensure moderate hardness and good toughness. ② small deformation to ensure quenching. ③ mold heat treatment, special attention should be paid to the cavity surface protection, to prevent its occurrence of various heat treatment defects. ④ thermosetting plastic mold long-term work under heat, pressure conditions, heat treatment should have a higher anti-collapse ability.

⑴ carburizing plastic mold steel ① carburizing plastic mold steel performance carburizing plastic mold steel is mainly used in cold extrusion plastic mold, the general requirements of lower carbon content, carbon content of 0.1% to 0.25% At the same time adding Cr, Ni elements in the steel, in order to improve the hardenability of steel, and the role of the solid solution strengthening ferrite is also small, and the Si element content should be as low as possible. Such steels generally require carburizing and quenching and tempering after cold extrusion, which can make the mold cavity surface have high hardness and wear resistance, the surface hardness can reach 58 ~ 62HRC, while the central part has better Toughness. ② types of carburizing plastic mold steel China carburizing plastic mold steel commonly used types of carbon carburizing steel and alloy carburizing steel, the former has 10,20 steel, the latter 20Cr, 12CrNi3A, 20Cr2Ni4, 2CrNi3MoAlS and so on. 

⑵ pre-hardened plastic mold steel ① pre-hardened plastic mold steel performance Pre-hardened plastic mold steel is supplied to the steel factory has been pre-heat treatment of the mold steel, so that it reached the hardness of the mold. According to the working conditions of the mold, the hardness range varies greatly, the lower hardness is 25 ~ 35HRC, the higher hardness is 40 ~ 50HRC. This mold cutting after forming no longer heat treatment and direct use, thus avoiding the mold due to heat treatment deformation and cracking problems. ② Pre-hardened plastic mold steel types Pre-hardened plastic mold steel is divided into the pre-hardened plastic mold steel and cutting pre-hardened plastic mold steel. The former commonly used types of 10,20 steel, the latter 3CrMo, 3Cr2MnNiMo, 42CrMo, 4Cr5MoSiV, 5CrNiMnMoSCa, 8Cr2MnWMoVS (8Cr2S), 40CrMnVBSCa, Y55CrNiMnMoV (SM1), Japan Datong die steel PX4, PAC5000, Sweden, one hundred die steel 618HH , 718HH (IMPAX HH), Germany Ge Liz die steel 1.2311,1.2738,1.2711 and so on. 

⑶ age-hardening plastic mold steel ① age-hardening plastic mold steel performance age-hardening plastic mold steel is characterized by low carbon content, high degree of alloy, high temperature quenching (solution treatment), the steel is softened state, Organized as a single supersaturated solid solution. If the aging treatment is carried out at a relatively low temperature, the finely dispersed metal compound can be precipitated in the solid solution to greatly improve the hardness and strength of the mold steel, and the dimensional and shape changes caused by the strengthening process are extremely small. Therefore, when the steel is used for manufacturing the mold, the mechanical shaping of the mold can be performed after the solution treatment, and then the mold obtains the higher strength and hardness through the aging treatment, which effectively ensures the final size and the shape precision of the mold. ② age hardening plastic mold steel types 18Ni200, 18Ni250, 18Ni300, 18Ni350, 25CrNi3MoAl steel, 10Ni3MnMoCuAl (PMS) steel, 0Cr16Ni14Cu13Nb (PCR) steel, 20CrNi3AlMnMo (SM2) steel, Japan Datong die steel NAK55, NAK80, Sweden win one hundred Die steel EM33, EM38, Germany Ge Liz die steel GEST 80 etc .. 

(4) corrosion-resistant plastic mold steel ① corrosion-resistant plastic mold steel performance in the production of polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene and ABS with anti-burning resin and other chemical corrosion Plastic plastic products, the forming process will decompose the corrosive gases, and the corrosion of the mold, which requires the mold material must have good corrosion resistance. Corrosion-resistant plastic mold steel in addition to have good corrosion resistance, and other types of plastic mold steel, but also require some hardness, strength and wear resistance and other performance requirements. ② types of corrosion-resistant plastic mold steel commonly used corrosion-resistant plastic mold steel steel are: high-carbon high-chromium corrosion-resistant steel, such as 9Cr18, 9Cr18Mo, Cr18MoV, Cr14Mo4V, 4Cr13, Japan Datong die steel S-STAR, G-STAR, D-STAR, STAVAX ESR S136SUP, ELMAX LH / HH, S336 CORRAX 168, POLAX 420 VAR, , Germany Ge Liz die steel 1.2083 VICTORY ESR, 1.2316 VICTORY ESR; martensitic stainless steel, such as 1Cr17Ni2; precipitation hardening stainless steel, such as 0Cr16Ni4Cu3Nb and so on. 

⑸ other plastic mold materials and heat treatment ① copper alloy plastic mold material copper alloy is mainly beryllium bronze, such as ZCuBe2, ZCuBe2.4 and so on. Casting method is generally used, not only low cost, short cycle, but also can produce complex shape of the mold. Beryllium bronze can be strengthened by solution treatment and aging treatment. The alloy after solution treatment is in a softened state and has good plasticity and is easy to be machined. Beryllium bronze is suitable for the production of blow molds, injection molds, and some plastic molds with high thermal conductivity, high strength and high corrosion resistance. ② aluminum alloy aluminum density, low melting point, processing performance and thermal conductivity are superior to the mold steel, commonly used in plastic mold manufacturing aluminum alloy, including cast aluminum and deformed aluminum alloy. Commonly used cast aluminum grade is ZL101, which is suitable for the production of plastic molds requiring high thermal conductivity, complex shapes and short manufacturing cycles. Deformed aluminum alloy LC9 is also commonly used in plastic mold aluminum alloy, because of its strength higher than the ZL101, can produce high strength and good thermal conductivity of the plastic mold. ③ Zinc alloy Zinc alloy used to make plastic mold mostly Zn-4Al-3Cu eutectic alloy, as well as beryllium zinc alloy and nickel-titanium zinc alloy. Beryllium zinc alloy has a higher hardness (150HBS), heat resistance, the injection mold life of up to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pieces. Nickel-Titanium Zinc alloy due to the addition of nickel and titanium can make the strength, hardness, so that the die life doubled.

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