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Plastic mold steel performance
Nov 20, 2017

Plastic mold steel performance

Plastic mold steel to P-based, is divided into five categories. Carburized plastic mold steel: P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6. Low carbon content of this type of steel, mainly the United States early and extrusion molding method, requiring good cold plasticity, high extrusion performance, surface hardening carburizing to improve the surface hardness, long service life. Core conditioning plastic mold: P20, P21. At present, the amount of P20 used in plastic molds is large and has become the main part, most of which are used in the pre-hardened state. Medium carbon alloy tool steel for thermosetting plastic mold. H13 steel, and L2 and S7, O1 and A2 are also used. Stainless steel for high corrosion resistance of plastic mold, the main steel No. 420,414 L, 440,416. ◆ aging steel is aging treatment and access to high performance.

In the use of cold-working die made of Cr12 steel or high-speed steel, a very prominent problem is the brittleness of steel. Easy to use in the crack. For this purpose, the carbide has to be refined with a sufficient amount of forging. In addition, new steel grades should be developed. The focus of the development of new steel should be to reduce the amount of carbon steel and carbide forming elements. Domestic development and promotion of the following types of new steel, as shown in Table 4.11.

Cr4W2MoV steel with high hardness giant, high wear resistance and good hardenability and so on. And has good tempering stability and mechanical properties. Made with dry steel die and so on. Life expectancy than Cr12MoV steel to improve more than 1 to 3 times, but the steel forging temperature range is narrow, forging He County cracking. Should be strictly controlled forging temperature and operating regulation Cr2Mn2SiWMoV steel quenching temperature is low, quenching deformation, high hardenability. Available free of deformation die steel, said 7W7Cr4MoV steel can be W18Cr4V and Cr12MoV steel. It is characterized by a great improvement in carbide carbide inhomogeneity and toughness.

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Add:No.37 Huahu Ave Huahu Street.Huangshi City Hubei