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Plastic mold steel
Nov 09, 2017

Plastic mold steel

China in the past no special plastic mold steel, general plastic mold with normalizing 45 and 40Cr after quenching and manufacturing, so the mold low hardness, poor wear resistance, high surface roughness, the appearance of the plastic products processed out of poor quality, And the mold life is low; precision plastic mold and high hardness plastic mold made of CrWMo, Cr12MoV alloy tool steel, not only poor machining performance, but also difficult to process complex cavity, but also can not solve the problem of heat treatment deformation.

As a result, the domestic steel for special plastic mold was developed and made some progress. China has its own series of special die steel, has been included in the national standard of two, namely 3Cr2Mo and 3Cr2MnNiMo, has been included in the industry standard of more than 20 kinds, has been promoted in the production of more than 10 kinds of new plastic mold steel, preliminary Formed a plastic mold steel system.


1. Plastic mold steel covers a wide range, from ordinary steel to have special steel. This is more obvious in the early plastic mold, now more and more formal and advanced. Special steel has its own system, the chemical composition of the mold steel and alloy tool steel is basically the same, but its higher quality metallurgical, well-processed, the heat treatment is beneficial.

2. Plastic mold steel performance requirements, heat treatment difficult.

3. In order to avoid mold parts during the toughening process of deformation or other heat treatment problems, the mold steel to pre-hardened form of the market has been more common.

4. To petrochemical products as raw materials of plastic products, some degrees of different corrosive, so corrosion-resistant steel applications are more.

5. With pre-hardened steel, non-quenched and tempered applications, easy cutting is the characteristics of plastic mold steel.

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Add:No.37 Huahu Ave Huahu Street.Huangshi City Hubei