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How to prevent deformation of the mold heat treatment deformation
Nov 23, 2017

How to prevent deformation of the mold heat treatment deformation


Because of the presence of uneven carbide distributed in a certain direction in the die steel, the expansion coefficient of the carbides is about 30% smaller than that of the steel matrix. When heated, it prevents the inner hole of the die from expanding and prevents the inner hole of the die from shrinking when cooled Uneven deformation of the mold bore, so that the mold oval hole.

    A mold material effects

    1. Mold oval (deformation) causes

    Preventive measures

(1) In the manufacture of sophisticated molds, we should try to choose a smaller segregation of carbide die steel, do not map cheap, use less steel produced by the smaller steel materials;

(2) The mold steel with serious segregation of carbides should be forged properly to break carbide ingots, reduce the uneven distribution of carbides, and eliminate the anisotropy of performance.

(3) after forging the mold steel, to be quenched and tempered heat treatment, so that carbide distribution of uniform, fine and dispersed sorbite;

(4) For the larger size or can not forging the mold, the use of solid solution double refinement of the carbide refinement, distribution, angular rounding.

    Second, the impact of mold design

    The reason of deformation

    Due to the uneven thickness of the mold or there is a sharp fillet, therefore, in the quenching caused by the various parts of the mold between the thermal stress and the stress of different organizations, resulting in different parts of the volume expansion, the mold after quenching deformation.

    2. Prevent the method

Mold design, in meeting the actual production needs of the case, should be to minimize the mold thickness disparity, the structure is not symmetrical, at the junction of the thickness of the mold, as far as possible the use of smooth transition design. According to the deformation of the mold, set aside allowance, after quenching will not die because of mold deformation and scrapped.

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Add:No.37 Huahu Ave Huahu Street.Huangshi City Hubei