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How to identify S136 plastic mould steel?
Jul 19, 2017

Plastic products are widely used in daily life, of which injection molding technology accounts for about 80%. Because of the injection molding a molding, precise size, with insert, high productivity, easy to realize the modernization and the characteristics of less amount of processing is widely used in automobile, construction, household appliances, food, medicine and other fields. The selection of plastic mould is critical for the plastic industry to receive good economic benefits. Therefore, it is necessary for the mold designer to understand the basic requirements of the mold material and select the appropriate materials.

The working conditions of plastic mould are different from those of cold die. Generally, the work should be done at 150 degrees -200 degrees Celsius. Besides the effect of certain pressure, the temperature must be affected by the temperature. According to the plastic molding die use conditions, processing methods, the plastic mold steel basic performance requirements are generally summarized as follows:

The hardness of the plastic mold is usually below 50-60HRC, and the heat treated mold should have enough surface hardness to ensure that the mold has sufficient rigidity. Mold in the work, due to plastic filling and flow, to withstand greater compressive stress and friction, requiring the mold to maintain the accuracy of shape and dimensional accuracy, to ensure that the mold has sufficient service life. The wear resistance of the die depends on the chemical composition of the steel and the hardness of the heat treatment. Therefore, improving the hardness of the mold is beneficial to improve its wear resistance.

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