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Cr12MoV process
Dec 26, 2017

Cr12MoV process

It is widely used in the international community of high-carbon high-chromium cold-work die steel, is a martensitic steel, with high hardenability, hardenability, high wear resistance; high temperature oxidation resistance, quenching and polishing anti-rust Good ability, heat treatment deformation is small; suitable for the manufacture of high-precision, long life of the cold die, cutting tools and measuring tools, such as the complex shape of punching die, cold extrusion die, rolling wheel, screw plate, Precision measuring tools. See chemical composition GB / T1299-2000.

C Si Mn P S Cr Mo V Co 1.40-1.60 ≤0.60 ≤0.60 ≤0.03 ≤0.03 11.00-13.00 0.70-1.20 ≤1.10 ≤1.00

The steel can be used two kinds of quenching temperature:

(1) The lower quenching temperature 950-1040 ℃ 180-230 ℃ Low temperature tempering hardness 60-64HRC (ie: low quenching low back)

(2) the use of higher quenching temperature 1050-1100 ℃ 510-540 ℃ high temperature tempering two hardness 60-64HRC (ie: high quenching high back)

Cr12MoV, the relationship between the mechanical properties of steel and quenching temperature: After quenching 1000 ~ 1075 degrees to obtain better mechanical properties, quenching temperature

And then increased, will significantly reduce the strength and plasticity.

Cr12MoV using 1130 degrees quenching, the secondary hardening method. The advantages of secondary hardening method is to obtain a certain red hardness, the disadvantage is due to quenching

Fire temperature is high, the larger grain. Does not meet the requirements of the landlord.

Toughness requirements as high as possible, hardness HRC 52 ~ 64, which means that the required hardness, strength and toughness are better. According to the requirements of the landlord recommended 1030 degrees quenching. Tempering temperature of 200 to 450 degrees (which due to avoid temper brittleness zone of 300 to 375 degrees) tempering hardness of HRC55 ~ 60.

Tempering three times the first high temperature, the second tempering hardness according to the first tempering temperature, the third low temperature

cr12mov low temperature tempering only used in low temperature quenching, you can maintain a high hardness, you quench the normal temperature, tempering temperature is best to use 230-250 °, the hardness is not very high, it is recommended that you use 390-400 ° tempering, This toughness with the mold will be more ideal, not easy to collapse edge.

Cr12MoV solid solution double refinement process: (The purpose is to make carbide refinement edges and corners round, while austenite grain refinement.) In Cr12MoV do 1000 degrees after oil quenching; 220 degrees before tempering : First to do a 1100 degree oil heat insulation, tempering 700 degrees. Material life will be much higher.

Since Cr12 is a kind of high carbon and high alloy steel, it will produce serious C segregation in the rolling process, so-called reticular cementite. We all know that cementite high hardness and brittle, there is no toughness. Prior to the C segregation of such materials have a strict level of control. Due to the presence of reticular cementite material, resulting in the subsequent heat treatment, along the cementite mesh cracking. Therefore, the material must be repeated forging (not just simply changing the shape) before making the mold to break the reticular cementite and improve the material properties.

Die steel quenching before the pre-heat treatment --- ball annealing, to refine the organization to reduce the quenching deformation and prevent quench cracking!

The general stamping die requires a higher hardness, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good impact toughness and other basic requirements, and H13 is a common hot work die steel, its high strength, high toughness, a certain degree of resistance Grinding; high red hardness, high thermal stability, high resistance to thermal fatigue, high hardenability and high thermal conductivity.

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