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Cold stamping die parts commonly used material requirements
Dec 06, 2017

Cold stamping die parts commonly used material requirements

Stamping die work to withstand the impact, vibration, friction, high pressure and tensile, bending and other loads, even at higher temperatures (such as cold extrusion), the working conditions are complex, prone to wear, fatigue, fracture, deformation And so on. Therefore, the working parts of the mold material requirements than ordinary parts.

Due to the different working conditions of various types of stamping dies, the working requirements of the mold parts also vary.

1. blanking die material requirements

  For sheet metal stamping die parts work requirements with high wear resistance and hardness, and in addition to the requirements of the die blanking plate with high wear resistance, compression yield point, in order to prevent the mold rupture or chipping, but also Should have high fracture resistance, high flexural strength and toughness.

2. Drawing die material requirements

Requires mold parts work material has good anti-adhesion (anti-seizure), high wear resistance and hardness, a certain degree of toughness and better machinability, and deformation of the heat treatment to be small.

3 cold extrusion die material requirements

Mold parts require high strength and hardness, high wear resistance, in order to avoid impact fracture, but also requires a certain degree of toughness. As the extrusion will have a greater temperature rise, it should also have some thermal fatigue resistance and thermosetting

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Add:No.37 Huahu Ave Huahu Street.Huangshi City Hubei